Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

It's not a "happy" day. It's not to honor those serving or that have served in our military. That's called Veteran's Day. Memorial Day is to honor those that have died in the line of service. See, nothing "happy" about it!

We didn't have a cookout today. We didn't "celebrate" by sitting around drinking. We spent the day on the farm that my Hubby works at. We almost saw a calf being born, but it was stillborn. I didn't feel that my young Girls would or should witness that. Merely for the reason that it was just not something I found necessary. Brionna did say that the calf was like her little Nephew, Mack, that wasn't born alive either. So sad to me how she refers to so much in life about him. She's always thinking about him. She should be having great memories of little Mack. Walking. Talking. Pooping and peeing on his Mommy. But we will never get to witness any happy memories of him. Breaks my heart..

When we got ready to leave, we went to check out the wood pile of old barn wood. I am slowly collecting some. One day I plan on making something. Just not sure what yet. Hubby found a bird's nest. I peeked inside and there were 2 little babies!! Didn't even have feathers yet. Mama wasn't very happy, but we never tried to touch them, only looked and took a picture. They're American Robin Red Breasts:

Cute right?     

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Loving Ohio!

We've been in Ohio for over 2 months now and absolutely love it! I am finally getting familiar with the area (for the most part). Yesterday I found an awesome produce stand. I've been looking for one since we got here. That made me very happy. We were even given a bag full of fresh cut lettuce for free. The Lady cut it while we waited. Last night I made a salad with the lettuce and some fresh Amish grown tomatoes that I bought. Talk about Heaven in your mouth!
See how lovely it looks? I'm not sure that I've ever had such a fresh salad before..

Enough about the veggies. Last week we found a beautiful hiking spot. Funny to be saying that since we're really not the athletic type. But, we hiked over 3 hours. Even got caught in the rain! Usually I wouldn't care, but I had my camera with me. That really would have sucked if it had gotten wet! Luckily there are tons of trees that covered us and kept us from getting totally soaked. I did get some pretty awesome pics though.

You sure don't see beauty like this in Florida (at least where we lived you didn't)..

Such a beautiful spot!

The Girls were amazed at the tree growing out of the side of the hill..

We all slept good that night!

Oh my goodness, every single day they ask when we're going back!

Today's adventure is taking us to the u-pick strawberry farm in Plain City for a fundraiser. Should be fun and pictures to follow. Enjoy your day and be happy in whatever you do!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Where has the time gone?

Well, I had intended on doing a 365 day post here starting from the day we moved, but that hasn't happened obviously. First let me say that we LOVE Ohio! Like, a lot! It's so beautiful here. The people are friendly. I am sure there are more reasons, but it is kind of early yet.

I think the Girls are adapting really well. They both love their new school. Both have made friends. Our favorite thing to do is sight see on the weekends. And when I say sight see, I simply mean we love to drive around the countryside looking at all of the farms, old houses and buildings, etc. What is not to love? I think it's kind of funny how the Girls have mentioned several times how many trees there are here as opposed to Florida.

This is short but sweet. I wanted to post this small update since my 9 year old reads my blog and asks me all of the time why I haven't updated. Have a great day :)