Saturday, June 27, 2015


They've become my latest obsession. Yes, I am very obsessed at the moment! I love to just sit and watch them. I love trying to get a decent photograph of them. But, they're quick little boogers. Yes they are. A couple of times now, I have seen 2 at the feeder at the same time. I don't think they play well with others though because they seem very possessive over that feeder. They will fight and chase each other. It is entertaining to watch though. And they really seem to enjoy the homemade "nectar" when it's fresh. Which is why I try making it every couple of days. Plus, I read that if it gets too old and moldy (yes, the inside of the feeder has gotten nasty before, so I make sure to clean it real good with some hot water at each nectar change. NO cleaners of any kind) it can make them sick and even kill them. Also, I never use red coloring. Not only is it unnecessary since they're color blind, that can also make them sick. Here are a couple of pictures that I have gotten so far:
Not the greatest picture, but I found it rather cute. It kept peeking around the feeder at me
Coming in for a drink
All of these were taken through the door, so not the best quality. Trying to get some better pics while being outside

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our Saturday Adventures

First I want to start off by saying that we're not the most religious family out there. Should we do a better job, certainly. But, we do try. I guess you could say that we're a work in progress. With that, I will try to tell about the adventure we had the best that I can:

The Girls and I decided to go to the farm with Hubby for a bit yesterday. It was rainy, cold and not even a good day for ducks. First though, we needed to run an errand. As we headed down the road, we noticed a Gentleman walking in this weather. I pointed him out to Hubby, but we were headed in the wrong direction. Did our errand and then headed to the farm. Before we could get to far though, we saw the same Guy, still walking in the rain. No umbrella. No waterproof gear. Just him and a backpack he was carrying. We decided to ask him would he like a ride. We figured if nothing else, it would get him out of the rain for a few minutes and get him a little further up the road (and quite honestly, we thought he might only be going to WalMart or something close by).

We stopped and I rolled down my window and asked. He seemed so appreciative and accepted. Honestly I wouldn't say "gladly". He did pause for a moment. I am sure he probably has seen his share of loonies too. He got in the truck and we started on our way. Hubby asked where he was headed. He told us something like New York or a different state then what we're in! He started telling us his story.

He's Dutch Amish. And a mail carrier. They don't accept anything from the Government. They are their own nation. He's been doing this (delivering mail) for 41 years! All by foot!! How crazy is that. And he's 72 years old. I swear, you would never know how old he is by looking! He looked younger than Hubby and I both. His route takes him 16 MONTHS to walk.There are 7 of them (Dutch Amish mail carriers) left that do this. As we talked more, he told us that he was soaked to the bone. Well, we could only imagine. And hadn't eaten for a couple of days. They're not allowed to ask for help, but can accept if it's offered. So although we only had about $80.00 to our name, we took him to the next big town and got him a Motel 6 room for the night.

And since he hadn't eaten in days, we went to Bob Evans and got him a quart of beef vegetable soup, some hot rolls and crackers. We also stopped at the Family Dollar store and bought him a poncho so he would have it if the rain continues while he's on his journey. Hubby also gave him $10.00 so that he could wash the few clothes that he had and have a couple of dollars. Now, we are totally broke, but you know what? That's okay. Our saying that is completely true is: God always provides for us! And he does. Everyday we are blessed whether we realize it or not. Heck, waking up every morning is a blessing in itself.

And the Bible tells us that we need to help one another. What if our new Friend was Jesus himself? Or if this Guy is simply pulling one over on us (which we both highly doubt)? You know what? Either way we know in our hearts that we did the right thing. We helped another human being in their time of need. And this morning we're going to go pick him back up to take him a little more up the road. And we will say a prayer with him as we send him along. Amen.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I think I am too old fashioned

I guess since I was raised a certain way that I expect everyone to be the same. What is wrong with today's society? Where have all of the manners gone? Besides out the window obviously.

There's a kid that works with Hubby. Kid has some family issues (not my business to put it out there as to what issues). I like to help people. So last night we had a good amount of leftovers from dinner. Hubby will take some to work for his lunch. I suggested he take this Kid some as well. Instead of just saying thank you when Hubby let him know (as I was raised to do), Kid wanted to know what it was since he's "picky". Really? It would have just killed you to act like you appreciated the thought, pretended like you liked it whether it was good or not, and went about your day?

So now I have kind of a sour taste in my mouth about helping him. But then I must try to remember that everyone isn't like me. Sad part is, it isn't just this one person. It's the majority of people....

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mini Rant (sorry, but not sorry)

Are you a stay at home Mom? Or Dad? Does your other half think that since they go outside of the home to work that what they do is SO much harder? That they somehow "deserve" a day off? Yet you hardly have time to put your feet up even on the weekend? There are still kids to deal with. Meals to prepare. Laundry to wash. And dishes. And if you have pets, yet another thing put on your plate.

Just one day I would love for my Husband to say, "Hey, you do so much for this family. Please, sit down and let me make you a sandwich." Or bring me a drink. Or when a kid's butt needs wiping, he would be the one to deal with it instead of me having to. Or since you cooked the food, let me load the dishwasher and turn it on while you sit back and relax.

Don't get me wrong, I adore being home with the kids. Honest I do. But when I am the one up dealing with the kids and everything else day and night, I would like a break just once in awhile as well..