Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I think I am too old fashioned

I guess since I was raised a certain way that I expect everyone to be the same. What is wrong with today's society? Where have all of the manners gone? Besides out the window obviously.

There's a kid that works with Hubby. Kid has some family issues (not my business to put it out there as to what issues). I like to help people. So last night we had a good amount of leftovers from dinner. Hubby will take some to work for his lunch. I suggested he take this Kid some as well. Instead of just saying thank you when Hubby let him know (as I was raised to do), Kid wanted to know what it was since he's "picky". Really? It would have just killed you to act like you appreciated the thought, pretended like you liked it whether it was good or not, and went about your day?

So now I have kind of a sour taste in my mouth about helping him. But then I must try to remember that everyone isn't like me. Sad part is, it isn't just this one person. It's the majority of people....

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