Saturday, June 27, 2015


They've become my latest obsession. Yes, I am very obsessed at the moment! I love to just sit and watch them. I love trying to get a decent photograph of them. But, they're quick little boogers. Yes they are. A couple of times now, I have seen 2 at the feeder at the same time. I don't think they play well with others though because they seem very possessive over that feeder. They will fight and chase each other. It is entertaining to watch though. And they really seem to enjoy the homemade "nectar" when it's fresh. Which is why I try making it every couple of days. Plus, I read that if it gets too old and moldy (yes, the inside of the feeder has gotten nasty before, so I make sure to clean it real good with some hot water at each nectar change. NO cleaners of any kind) it can make them sick and even kill them. Also, I never use red coloring. Not only is it unnecessary since they're color blind, that can also make them sick. Here are a couple of pictures that I have gotten so far:
Not the greatest picture, but I found it rather cute. It kept peeking around the feeder at me
Coming in for a drink
All of these were taken through the door, so not the best quality. Trying to get some better pics while being outside

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