Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weather and Birds

Man, we've been getting some rain lately! Sad to drive through the country and see crops ruined. I can only imagine what those poor farmers must be feeling and going through! Yesterday it was so bad that parts of the asphalt washed away. Talk about crazy.

But the temperature has been nice, so I am not complaining. Seeing the heat that family and friends are dealing with in Florida makes me more happy about our move. I mean, we really love everything about Ohio thus far! Granted we haven't hit that snowy period yet, but I am not a heat person, so I think we'll do fine! And there are people that do well in the snow. I know we certainly can't be weird-os!

And my hummingbirds. Ah I love them so! Seems that we're getting more and more coming to our feeder. I have yet to get a picture that I am "thrilled" with, but I hope that day will come soon. I am going to be sad when these little creatures leave us for the Winter. They've got quite the personality.

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