Sunday, July 19, 2015

Whirlwind (I guess you could call it that)

So, out of the blue last week, I receive a message on facebook from a female. Seems she got snarled in a mess with one of my exes. Not just any ex either, but the most lying, cheating, loser, lazy, pathetic, and any other negative word you'd care to add to the list. At first I honestly didn't know how to act. I mean, how would YOU act/react? See, he's married, but certainly doesn't act like it (and he wasn't married back 20 some years when we were together and had a child together). I know he tells women (yes, multiple) that either he's single, getting a divorce or just forgets the part about til death do us part. So, to blame all of the women would be crazy. I mean I really believe that SO many of them have no idea about the wife. And her and I are pretty good friends as hard to believe as that may be. Him, I can't stand. Her, she's one of the sweetest people you want to meet and certainly doesn't deserve to be treated the way he treats her!!

So, back to my story (although it isn't a story because it's true):
Seems he struck once again. Wrecking havoc in a nice person's life. His m o seems to be that he goes after vulnerable women. How he can sniff them out is beyond me. I guess since he's done it for so many years, it's like second nature to him or something. Do I blame the females? Not necessarily. He KNOWS that he's married! That should be the end of his "hunting". But if they go into the situation knowing that he's married and thinking that they are somehow special and he's going to leave his wife for them, it's their fault as well.

I believe that the one that contacted me was fed a ton of lies. He is very good at what he does after all. But I do know that he has multiple ones on the line still that know he's married and still continue their "relationship" or whatever you want to call it. So if/when they get hurt, get a disease or whatever may come, it will lay totally on *their* shoulders! Ladies, LISTEN! If someone tells you something about a person you're interested in, it's probably not because they want him for themselves! Become an investigator. Use the intuition that God gave you.

In closing I want to say thank God he deserted our Son many, many years ago. With a role model like that, who the Hell needs one?

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