Saturday, July 25, 2015


It seems like we have gotten to experience things since we moved here that we didn't get to do in Florida. And if we had stayed where we were, we probably never would have gotten to either. Today the Girls went with Daddy. They got to meet some alpacas! Now I wish that I would have gone with them and taken my camera. Next time you can bet that I will! Luckily Daddy took some pictures with his cell phone though:
"Hey Girl, your hair smells good!"

Are we having a party?

"Yes, she does smell nice.."
We got a new to us lawnmower the other day. It wasn't running, so Hubby fixed it. I was so excited, I mowed that backyard. When I was done, I took one of our dogs out in the backyard. I noticed a bird in the pool. Thank goodness furbaby didn't notice! I brought pup back inside and headed back out to see what I could do. I scooped the bird up and started rubbing it to dry it off. Then I found a basket and got some warm grass clippings to put in the basket. I sat the bird in it to warm up (I swear it was shaking). Brionna and I were sitting outside trying to figure out what we were going to do with this thing when all of the sudden and up and flew away! I am so thankful and pray that little creature makes it:
It never acted scared of me. Sure hope that little thing knew I was only trying to help!

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