Saturday, March 7, 2015

March Madness

Oh goodness, where has the time gone? I can't believe that it's already March. Less than a week until my birthday. I am not the type to count that day down. It's always just another day. Kids to tend to. Animals to deal with. Life. Ya know? Never really anything special.

Not complaining. It is what it is and I just smile and deal. Why do I even do that to myself? I try to make it seem like nothing bothers me, but there are things that DO bother me. I guess I just don't care for conflict most of the time. And typically if I do say anything, I have to either hear it or hear others complain how they can't do anything right.

Eh, that's my story of my lifetime. Thank goodness I have had a weekend to myself. Only having to take care of my animals. It's really been nice. A bunch of movies watched. No cooking! I have eaten junk food for 2 days now. Well, with the exception of a salad for lunch. Kind of been nice, but I do miss eating "real" food too.

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