Saturday, February 28, 2015

Moving and Ruts

For weeks now I have not had any desire to pack. Or declutter. Or anything related to moving. I think I have finally figured out why: So many times in life, I have looked forward to something and it's never happened. I guess in the back of my mind that this is going to be one of those things too.

At first we had planned on moving in December. Then February. Then when the Girls went on Spring break at school so I would have that week to arrange the new house and they could become familiar with the new neighborhood before starting a new school. Now our move has been delayed by a week (again). See, already my feeling is coming true? What happens if that delayed week turns into another delayed week? Or 3? Or indefinite? Then what?

So, for now I am just going to proceed with life not packing. If in the next couple of weeks it might look like the move date is really going to happen, then I will worry. And stress. And hustle..

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