Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day

What are your feelings on this "Holiday"? Too commercialized? Is it a "Hallmark" holiday? Shouldn't someone love you all year long and show it everyday? Not just on a day someone says so?

Regardless, when you have Kids, you do what needs to be done. You make a Valentine's box if they need 1. Oops, maybe they should be the one to make it! And you either buy Valentine's cards or make your own. This year the youngest needed a Valentine's box. I did let her pick out what she wanted and we got to work! And I let both Girls look online for ideas to make their own cards. I printed what needed to be printed and they got to do the assembly work. Here are the fruits of our labor:

This is "Bob" the Valentines Minion. Apparently the Kids at school went crazy for him :)
And believe it or not, he was pretty simple to make! Remember if you are making a craft project, the Dollar Tree is a great place to start looking for supplies. I got everything except the box there for "Bob".

Olivia chose "Orange You Glad We're Friends" as her Valentine's card with a Halo and box of conversation hearts in each bag
In case you've never tried Halos before, I highly recommend you do! We're pretty addicted to them!

Brionna chose "Hope Your Valentine's Day Is Bursting With Happiness!" with some Starburst in each bag
Cute right?

They're both pretty excited with what they chose and they should be! Great job, Girlies <3

Had to add 2 more pictures to this blog. Brionna decided we should add a little message to the Teachers' gifts. She came up with the Twix saying by herself. I had to search for a Reese's saying. That wasn't very easy since most of them are for Reese's pieces..

No Twix, You're the BEST Teacher ever!

There are many Reese's why I think you're a GREAT Teacher!

Now, I really think we are done. For real this time.

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