Monday, February 2, 2015

One of *those* days..

You know the ones. You wish you'd stayed in bed. Only you can't because you have real things to do! Although I'm in Florida and people think it's "paradise", not all days are wonderful weather wise here. I think that contributes to the blahs too..

Have 1 Kid that's been sick for days. I am guessing a head cold. She seems to be getting rid of it finally. Now I have another 1 that came home from school today not feeling well. She even asked to take medicine, so I am pretty sure she isn't "faking" it.

Hubby took his first tumble on the ice today. He said he fell pretty hard. I am sure he will be feeling it tomorrow. Hopefully he's been taking Tylenol or something for that. Hard to be of much help when we're still 1200 miles apart.

Throw in some random other events and we can call it my day. You know what though? I could sit here and be sad, mad, depressed, or whatever else you can think of and it wouldn't solve a thing. So instead, I will call this lovely Monday a test. Or learning experience. Or growing pains. Or something other than bad.

I found this little sign thing on facebook today and it kind of stuck with me. Puts things into prospective:

All we can do is pray that tomorrow is a better day. One thing is for sure, if God willing we wake up in the morning, it will be a good day.


  1. I call it a "Murphy Day"..if it can go wrong, it will...keep positive cause you did make it throught the day...and yes! there's always tomorrow... Sweet Dreams Jo, God Loves you and so do I ..