Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bucket List Accomplishment

I don't have a huge bucket list. Only a handful of things really. 1 of the things I want/ed to do was learn to sew. I had done a little sewing tons of years ago while I was in Girl Scouts. Yeah many, many moons ago. I found a sewing machine some time ago, but had ended up giving it to my oldest Daughter. She was lucky because her Hubby knows how to sew and taught her!

I wasn't so lucky though. After wanting another machine for awhile, I finally found a decent looking one on a facebook yardsale site. Well, it's been sitting. And sitting. I always had good intentions. Longed for someone to buy me some sewing classes at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby. No such luck. Yes, I could have found some tutorials on the internet, but I wanted a live person that could answer questions as we went along.

I have a Neighbor that knows this trade and is quite good at it! She's made her Daughters' some pretty amazing Halloween costumes. And other things for their birthdays as gifts to those that attend.

I tried to give her my machine instead of bringing with me on the move. She told me to come over 1 day and she would teach me the basics. This morning was that day! Boy am I thankful for her! So far I have made two little cloth bags for my youngest Girls. I sure can't wait to pick them up from school to show them what I have made.


Might not look like much, but to me it's pretty big...

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