Monday, February 9, 2015

Life is Precious

Nothing like having a tragedy to make you realize how precious life really is. And not talking to people you love because of childish/selfish/stupid/asinine/etc. reasons is just...stupid!

Last week I found out that my second Grandchild, a little Girl named Mackenzie, passed away in her Mommy's (my oldest Daughter) tummy. Crushed. That's how I felt when I found out! I still feel that way. I cry for my Daughter. I cry for my Son in Law. I cry for my Granddaughter. I cry for my SIL's little Boy that will never get to meet his baby Sister.

I know we're told not to question what God has planned for us. That everything happens for a reason. I swear I try not to ask why? Not to question His plan. I know I really do need to trust Him. To have more Faith than I have ever had before. But, why my Granddaughter? Why my Daughter? Why my Family? So, if you've been so kind to have read this blog, please say a prayer for little Mackenzie. And my Daughter, her Husband and their Son. Thank you.

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