Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wasn't That Fun?

Not really! Ended up in the ER tonight when my 8 year old. She was being chased by her little Sister and tripped and fell. That wouldn't have been so bad, but she hit her face on the corner of the wall. The ER Dr. seems to think her eye was cut because she had her glasses on. I'm not really sure because I was washing dishes while they were playing.

Good news is that she didn't need stitches, staples, glue, etc. Dr. wants us to not put anything on it so that it will scab over. Good because she wasn't very excited about the thought of any needles getting close to her!

She did a good job..
Of course she has school pictures tomorrow! Oh well, what can you do? Smile and say cheese is about all..

And if our evening wasn't exciting enough, there was a big round fishing weight sitting on the edge of the bathtub (don't ask). She accidentally knocked it into the water. It promptly found it's way to the drain hole that doesn't have a strainer over it! I could barely feel it in the hole. Panic set in. Then I thought, why not Google a solution? So I did! First I tried taking the overflow drain cap off. Stuck a wire clothes hanger down it hoping to push the weight back towards the top. Nope, not happening. Next idea was to use a vacuum. I thought why not try a shop vac? They seem more powerful. And guess what? It worked! Well, worked enough to get the weight back to the opening so I could get it back out.

So doesn't that sound like an exciting time? I know, some days I have to pinch myself because I'm living the dream.

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