Monday, February 23, 2015

Foul Mood

Is it okay that once in awhile we all seem to have had enough? That it gets old people telling us how we should feel? Or act? Or that things we do in life aren't "right"? How about you all just put a sock in it already!

I had probably one of the worst weekends that a person needs to have. I helped my Daughter and her Husband plant a memorial garden for their baby that didn't survive. Do you even realize how horrible that is? I don't wish that on anyone! The entire while that we worked in that garden, I tried to keep it together for them. I needed to be the strong one for them. I wanted to be the strong one for them.

Sunday at the service I read a little poem that I had written for Mack. Yes, he ended up being a little Boy and not a little Girl like they were originally told. So in a way, they had to mourn a loss twice. Reading that poem was so very hard.

Sometimes a person just needs to know there is someone there for them to catch them if they fall. Most days I don't feel that I have that someone. Sorry to hurt anyone, but since this is my blog talking about me and my life, I am speaking from my heart.

I think God has made me a strong person so that I can shoulder the burdens that I do..
 And then I found this online:

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