Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day to Bake

Just not feeling the packing, decluttering, etc. today. Been in this mood for a couple of days now. Not sure why I get like this. Not too concerned since I still have time before we leave Florida. About a month and a half. Unfortunately..

So instead of just doing laundry today, I think I may do some baking. I personally don't need to eat any of it, but the oven might take the chill out of the house. Our heater went out and since we're moving, we don't plan on getting it fixed. We do have some space heaters if it gets too chilly inside. The temperature is 48 right now, but is supposed to get up to 69/70 today. Tomorrow will be a different story. Only forecast to be 63! Loving it..

Now to decide what sounds good to bake. The Girls will love cookies. Maybe some muffins. Sharing with the Neighbors will be a nice gesture as well. Happy Tuesday and stay warm!

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