Thursday, January 22, 2015

Who Said That?

When we first announced that we would be moving to Ohio, I had quite a few people tell me that "people in Ohio aren't nice". Typically I believe everything I am told, but this time it seemed too far fetched that *everyone* in Ohio isn't nice. Or friendly.

I have found several groups on facebook for the area we are moving to. From looking for housing. To selling unwanted items. To people helping people. Unfriendly? Not seeing it. As a matter of fact, we found our house on 1 of those fb sites. And I have had so many very nice Ladies helping with the schooling issues for my Girls i.e. which school they will attend. Phone numbers. Open enrollment. Etc. I have also made a new friend already that lives in my new area.

So today's lesson is don't believe everything you are told!

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