Friday, January 30, 2015


Holy smokes, I can't believe that January is almost over already! Or am I the only one that thinks it's going quickly? I guess I really hadn't thought about it until this very second. Less than 2 months I will be in Ohio! O flipping HI O! Scary. Exciting. Stressful. All rolled into 1 at that thought.

Having kids that don't feel well doesn't help that stress level any. Not sure if my youngest has allergies. Cold. Or what. She didn't sleep well last night which made my sleep just as bad. Yet she insisted on going to school today. She *had* to wear the Shoo, Fly Guy costume I made her yesterday.

With that being said, I will share their favorite book characters with you:

Judy Moody

Yeah, not brushing that hair this morning drove me crazy! But, she had to go in character..

Shoo, Fly Guy (and sick Kid)

Judy Moody trying to Shoo, Fly Guy

And there you have what I spent yesterday doing 

For Judy I painted "I Ate A Shark" and a shark on the front of her shirt (Sharpie markers are great aren't they?). That was the easy one. Fly Guy needed eyes, wings and antenna. Strictly out of everyday items we had laying around the house. Eyes were 8.5x11 pieces of photo printer paper. Used a round pan the size I wanted the eyes to be to make the circle (tacked them on with a few hand stitches on a stretchy headband we had laying around). Wings were a leftover piece of poster board from another school project we did. It was hot pink, so I used the "wrong" side of wrapping paper to wrap it to be white. Antenna were an unused electrical cord. Cut 2 pieces to the length I wanted. Wrapped each one in black electrical tape and then used the tape to tape each onto the head band. I pinned the wings onto the back of her shirt this morning so that the Teacher would be able to unfasten them fairly easy once the book character event was over..

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